Sunday, April 16, 2006


Writing is on the wall

(Originally posted March 22, 2006)

"writing is on the wall"

Definition: the signs are all there, an impending calamity can
be seen by everybody

EX: "Well, the writing is on the wall, I don't think our project will be funded much longer."

Origin: This is a Bible story, Daniel 5:1 I think. When King Belshazzar, last king of Babylon, held a great feast where wines was drunk from vessels taken from Jerusalem (by the King's father, King Nebuchadnezzer), a hand (of God?) appeared and wrote on a wall, but nobody could understand the writing. Daniel, who had previously interpreted the dream for King Belshazzar, was summoned. Daniel understood the message as foretelling the overthrow of Belshazzar for his opposition of God of Hebrews and his desecration of the temple vessels. That very night, King Belshazzar was killed and his Kingdom split apart.

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