Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Biting the hand that feeds you

(originally posted April 2, 2006)

Definition: 1) Turning on your master/superior who has never mistreated you; 2) Turning on your benefactor ; 3)Hurting someone who was/has been helping you

Example 1: "Rufus deserved what he got. He bit the hand that fed him, in a manner of

Example 2: "Never bite that hand that feeds you. You may need it later."

Origin: Unclear, probably came from a dog owner. Supposed Greek poet Sopho first used this expression back in 600 B.C., but first recorded English use is 1711. Unfortunately neither reference had any examples.

Chinese Equivalent: 狗咬魯洞賓﹐不識好歹 (?)

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