Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Take/Get a raincheck

(Originally posted March 28, 2006)

Definition: A promise by the merchant to sell you an item for the sale price even when he doesn't have any in stock, and he may not have any until the sale is over.

Alternate meaning: to postpone something

Example 1: We apologize that our shipment of the TV that was supposed to be on sale has not arrived yet. Would you take a rain check? You can come back when we do have it in, and you will still pay the lower price.

Or from the other side...

Example 2: You were supposed to have the TV's that are on sale, but you don't. Does that mean I get a rain check?

Example 3: I am afraid something just came up, and I won't be able to go to the movie with you guys. Can you guys take a rain check?

Origin : American baseball organizers started issuing "rain checks" in 19th century for games that were delayed/cancelled due to rain to spectators who have purchased tickets. The rain checks are good for a game in the future.

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